In addition to the theoretical and practical component, our courses are carried out in one of the most prestigious farms in the center of Portugal, on the countryside of Tomar. In this place, you will enjoy a free and peaceful view while interacting and learning.


Besides that, we ensure that all the masterclass building has passed through an evaluation that ensured that it is Clean&Safe audit.


All the meals, coffee-breaks, drinks and lounge areas are design to have the correct distancing and hygienic rules.


We have selected a wide choice of premium hotels and mansions. They have also passed into our Clean&Safe audit.


We have a wide selection of hotels designed for different purposes:

  • Team and board private options for retreat - such as countryside mansions

  • Modern or Vintage

  • Countryside or near the city

  • Near the river

  • Different type of features (spa, pool, gym,...)


Click here to see our finest selection of accomodations:



Lisbon Aeroport - Hotel - Masterclass


BBQ & Saxo Sunset

One of our key components is: food. 


Fresh, tasty and wild ingredients will promote high-performance and clean thinking.


18th July, all of our attendees will have a tasting and explosive experience with unconventional barbeque techniques, made by Chef Francisco Cascão and 2 South American BBQ professionals.


For the BBQ we will use the most gourmet food, such as local farmed Angus Beef, fresh vegetables and juicy fruits.


Additional, nothing better than a Jazz, Sunset and Gyn

Sunset Magical Experience

Only for exclusive package invited guests, will be able to enjoy an opening session (17th July) with a sunset in the landscapes of the Templar city and its medieval origins. 


In this opening afternoon session we will make sure that all of us meet each other and that we are here to make strong connections in the entrepreneurial world. 


In this session we will have a little storytelling on humorous tales in the business area.


Group Retreats & Team Activities

Besides the training and all the course environment, we have options and activities for you and your team to do after the event.

These options include full day experiences such as:

  • Water Sports

  • Hiking

  • Grutten Exploration

  • Wine Tasting

  • Centenary City Sightseeing - History of Templars

  • and so on...




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